I. Defined Services of The Green Apple Cannabis Clubs (herein “the Club”), and all staff employed by the Club, are functioning as a membership concierge service to facilitate the following for people over the age of 21 whom find themselves in the State of New York and in need of cannabis, to be able to:
(1) identifyproduct vendors,
(2) procureproduct at a reasonable price,
(3) and have it safely transportedinto their possession without any hassle or inconvenience.

II. How we help

The State of New York has recently implemented legislation allowing for the possession and use of cannabis for all people 21 years of age or older in New York State. As of this time the state has not created guidelines establishing how to acquire a license to distribute this substance, no guidelines as to the taxes to be collected for its sale, nor any stated requirements as to retail storefront restrictions or requirements. Because of the aforementionedinconvenience(s)associated with implementing storefront establishments in the New York City (herein NYC) area, we at the “Club” have set up a membership service allowing the acquisition of various cannabis flower(s) and cannabis products in order to alleviate the difficulty of obtaining cannabis safely and at an affordable price for all people 21 years of age or older. By having multiple members, we can acquire cannabis in larger quantities, which will allow usto negotiate reasonable pricing with all member distributors in orderto offer products at a price that is substantially less than what can be found on the open market today.

III. Membership Agreement

All member participants in the “Club” fully understand and agree by signing/ joining the Green Apple Cannabis Club, that the “Club” will not, nor does not, take financial profit for the acquisition of any cannabis product distributed between our members. The “Club” has solely been established to help club members safely acquire cannabis for a reasonableprice, and safely transferthat cannabis amongst one another. Nothing in this agreement dictates that the “Club”, nor any employees of the “Club”, will profit from the acquisition and/or transfer of said cannabis at any time. This contract and agreement specifically stipulatesthat the “Club” and it’s employees will only function as intermediaries between two members’ sale and purchase agreement, and will only possess and transfer cannabis as allowed under New York State Law. No other services other than those specifically agreed upon in this contract will be allowed or performed by the “Club”.

By signing this agreement you are agreeing to a monthly to monthpayment required to keep your status as a “Club” member, the assignment to the “Club” to acquire the cannabis products you want from other members who have agreed to distribute said products to “Club” members, the assignment to the “Club” to negotiate a fair market price with other “Club” members so you can acquire said cannabis products at a good value, the assignment to the “Club” to calculate the cost of all services and configure a price point to attach to the cost of each item procured, the assignment to the “Club” to cultivate the cannabis you are authorized by the state to cultivate as soon as the state sets the starting date ( for personal cultivation) so that the “Club” can produce the cannabis procured by its members in house in order to control quality and cost, the assignment to the “Club” to handle the transfer of monetary instruments between you and other members supplying you with all cannabis products you request, and the transfer of that cannabis product into your possession. This agreement will be revisited consistently to add new insight into how the “Club” will function in concert with the New York State cannabis laws put into place in 2021. Any changes needed in this agreement will only be changes helping the “Club” to function perfectly, and properly, under New York State Law and will be sent as soon as possible to each member to assure their agreement and compliance with all “Club” rules. By signing this agreement, you are demonstrating your understanding of each, and every rule required to be a member and maintain membership, how the “Club” will function, and the monthlyfinancial commitment needed to be and remain a member.


Acknowledgement of Risk, Release and Waiver of Liability:

I, a member of theGreen Apple Cannabis Club, being 21 years of age or older, do understand the risks associated in my use of Green Apple Cannabis Club’s ministration of its duties.

1) I expressly, willingly, and voluntarily assume all risks of any and all kinds involved with my use of any cannabis flower, vapor products or any other substance containing the chemical THC (which is responsible for most of the psychological effects attributed to the cannabis flower) acquired by Green Apple Cannabis Club‘s staff for me. I, also expressly, willingly, and voluntarily assume all risks involving the use of vapor cartridges which have been found at times to cause problems with lung tissue. These problems have been found at this time to be strongly attributable to products cannabis concentrated oil manufacturers have used in their oil production and thinning for cartridge filling. We at Green Apple Cannabis Club will do our diligence to attempt to assure that all cannabis concentrated oil and other concentrated THC products do not contain any substances found to be detrimental to our members health to the degree already understood by accredited medical institutions along with the CDC. We will accomplish this through questioning of all suppliers and when possible, test random samples from purchase orders. But I as a member fully acknowledge that if Green Apple Cannabis Club staff are doing the utmost diligence as described to try to alleviate my acquiring any products containing items dangerous to my health that I am releasing and waiving Green Apple Cannabis Club from any liability if I do incur any medical problems from my use of those cannabis products.

2) I as a member of Green Apple Cannabis Club being 21 years of age or older also expressly, willingly, and voluntarily assume all risks involved with my use of cannabis Edible products. This release and waiver of Green Apple Cannabis Club is for any liability due to my excessive use of high milligram dosages of Edible products. Green Apple Cannabis Club will do its diligence to alert myself to the facts that Edible THC products take a significantly greater amount of time before the effects can be felt after ingesting which is quite different than the smoking of the substance. The exact same can be said for the duration of these effects, which again lasts a significantly longer time with THC edibles. I expressly waive any liability to theGreen Apple Cannabis Club for any issues I may incur due to not following any guidance supplied by them establishing the time I should wait after ingesting an edible before ingesting more or any issues occurring due to the extended time frame psychoactive effects occur upon myself which adversely affectmy ability to drive or work dangerous machinery.

3) Lastly, I expressly, willingly, and voluntarily assume all risks involving my entry into theGreen Apple Cannabis Club’s store front location in which that entry may bring me in contact with the COVID-19 virus. This waiver is being given understanding the Green Apple Cannabis Club staff is doing all diligence it possibly can to try to stop transmission of the COVID-19 virus within its store front locations and when staff meets members using all guidance they have received from the State of New York and the CDC. Green Apple Cannabis Club will use consistent cleaning practices and guidance from the State of New York and the CDC on mask wearing in their implementation of safety protocol. If these protocol standards are met I expressly and voluntarily waive all liability on Green Apple Cannabis Club for any contact I may make with the COVID-19 virus.

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